Sunday, 21 March 2010

Christmas in Jan, Feb and March

This year I am trying to make at least ten Christmas cards per month so that when it gets to December I will have plenty and will not have to rush them. Over the weekend I have made ten for March, and since I didn't have a blog in January or February I am going to share the ones that I made then as well.


This is actually the letter S from a Christmas font. I just printed it off ten times, stuck each to the front of a card and then coloured them. Really simple, but I think it is such a nice image.


I will be back tomorrow with a tutorial for the star book from my last post.


Lone Pine Designs said...

These Christmas cards are great...and what a good idea to do them bit by bit...I always seem to leave them until the last minute.

Lynn said...

I am so impressed with your head-start on Christmas!! Wish I were that organized!

MollyD said...

I have to laugh...I always say I am going to do this, but then that is where it ends! I may have to really do it this year since the amount of cards we need grow each year! Seriously though your cards are great and I like the one you did with the ornament on it!

jimlynn said...

These are GREAT!!!! I really need to start on mine too......I've only completed about 5 of them. You had the right idea to do them each month.

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