Friday, 16 April 2010

My first blog award!

As the title says I have received my first blog award. Thanks so much to Jenn for giving me the award. So now I have to tell you ten things about myself and select ten other bloggers to pass the award onto.

Here goes:
1. I love dying funky colours into my hair, it's a shame I can't do it now though because of work.
2. I have a slight obsession with Green Day...maybe a bit more than a slight one.
3. I love Ireland! My Grandad was from there and we used to visit the country every year when I was growing up.
4. My fiance thinks I have OCD. Just because I like to keep my CD's and DVD's in alphabetical order. I am definitely not a neat freak though.
5. I never go anywhere without my camera.
6. I have had my nose pierced on three separate occasions, but it always fell out and the hole healed up.
7. I hate when people type things in text talk.
8. I have been told by someone I am the most optimistic person they have ever met.
9. When the sun is out I love to be in the car with my fiance with Less Than Jake playing.
10. I am scared of way too many things including lightning, roller coasters and spiders.
Hopefully they weren't too long! I didn't know what to write at first and then I couldn't seem to stop typing.

And my 10 selected blogs are:
9. Dawn
10. Debbie

I know Jenn already nominated some of you, but at the moment I don't really know any other bloggers.


Lynn McAuley said...

What fun it is reading your facts!!

Thanks for honoring me with the Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Debbie Ward said...

I am so with you on #1, #6...but it was my tongue, and #10. Thanks for sharing...I will have to think of mine and get them posted! :)

Lone Pine Designs said...

Thanks for the was great reading your ten things!

Southern Moments said...

LOL... Jenn your just too cute!! Thank you for the Blog award. I have always wanted to go to Ireland. My mom is from there...Would love to see more pics of your trip.

Gardner's Basket said...

Thank you Mary-Kate! I enjoyed reading about you, we have a few things in common. I like Green Day too and I keep everything in alphabetical order (CDs, DVDs, spices, it goes on).

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