Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Birthday cards

Yesterday I turned 23. I've had a lovely few days. A barbecue with all my friends and family, a great night out with my best friends and a lovely day today with James at The Deep.

Here are the handmade cards I received:

This beautiful lady came from Monica.

This sweet fairy came from Christy.

These lovely flowers came from my future mother-in-law.

Thank you for the cards, and thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes.


Patty (LaLatty) said...

The birthday cards you received are wonderful, thanks for sharing them with us. I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday to you!!!

Lone Pine Designs said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! I received your lovely card in the mail yesterday...thank you so much!

Tammy said...

Happy birthday and I wish you many more.

Martha said...

all beautiful!

Laurie said...

My birthday was yesterday too! However 23 was quite some time ago! Congrats on getting great cards! Happy birthday!

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