Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Leaving card.

I mentioned a while back James was going for an interview for management training. He didn't get on, but two girls from work did (Laura and Kay) and today is Laura's last days with us. I was asked last night to make a good luck card for her. After nothing came to me I designed this using the 'Moody Blues' kit by Shabby Princess. I have now been told that Kay has bought a card for Laura so this will be going to Kay instead.
James was determined to send a card to Laura with one of the Doodlefactory creatures on, and he seems to have taken quite a shine to Zed. He was going to send this card, but it has a mark on the back, so I cut the front off and used it on this one. So Laura will be receiving this card from me and James.
Just a quick FYI. James will be trying again for the course in September.


April said...

Good Luck to James in the future with this course. I 'dig' it, and hope the recipient does too!

Patty (LaLatty) said...

Best of luck to your son in his next interview! I love your cards and the second one you posted made me chuckle. That sentiment is just too cute!

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